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In the Pockets of My Cargo Shorts

A photo of my schnauzer, Dave, and one of Richard Nixon,
A cell phone from eight years ago that needs a little fixin’,
Half a double cheeseburger, half a pint of soup,
A soggy, old toupee I found that smells a bit like poop.

A deck of cards, eleven cents, a salamander, dice,
Seashells, a  harmonica that’s old, but pretty nice.
Duct tape, Scotch tape, French tape, and a yo-yo (minus string).
What’s inside my pockets? Well, you might say everything.

From: Underneath My Bed: List Poems
Brian P. Cleary

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Characterized by doing good.

Xochitl’s benevolent actions made Cassie’s day happier.

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