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I Babysat (Once)

I was pushing the buggy one day
When my grip on the handle gave way
And it started to roll
downhill out of control
With my sister still snoozing away.

She rolled through the center of town.
Still asleep through the
deafening sound,
Of barks and bow-wow-as
of the beagles, Chihuahuas
And mutts at the city dog pound.

Past Main street and Elm rolled my sister
It’s amazing that all the cars missed her.
She moved with the ease
of a cool evening breeze
But the speed of a level 3 twister.

I found her off Highway 19
Having gone through the car was machine.
With a lemony smell
(They had waxed her as well)
I brought her back home nice and clean.

From: Rainbow Soup; Adventures in Poetry
Brian P. Cleary

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The quality of being worthy, esteemed or respected.

Coach Washington respected the dignity of the team she was playing.

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