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It’s Raining Adjectives!

Hey, look! It’s raining adjectives—
It’s pouring plain and fancy,
It’s dripping dark and dangerous,
Mysterious and chancy.

My hat is drenched in jubilant
The puddles pop with jumpy
my socks are soaked with squishy, stinky,
soggy, soft, and lumpy.

The gutter’s overflowing too
with spooky, strange, and sneaky,
The drain is backing up with loaded,
laughable and leaky.

It’s coming down with clamorous,
Cantankerous and clunky,
It’s sprinkling splendiferous,
fantabulous and funky.

The weatherman looks skyward,
As he shouts, “What’s up? What gives?
It isn’t raining cats and dogs—
It’s raining adjectives!”

From: I Saw an Invisible Lion Today; Quatrain Poems
Brian P. Cleary

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Something that angers or upsets many people.

When the referee made that poor call, a furor erupted in the home team’s bleachers.

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